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Data Flow Systems
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Aqua Sierra Controls provides training classes through Data Flow Systems.

DFS offers 45 courses of instruction varying in length from 1 to 5 days and in presentation rate from 5 to 35 slides per hour. All students are issued a trainee’s guide, which contains at a minimum, a copy of all slides. Technical manuals, product information brochures, and other pertinent documents are often included. “Soft” copies of the training material are not available on-line or otherwise.

The program is supported by human instructors and product-oriented courseware. All training is available at our home office or your location.

DFS technical training courses are in Microsoft PowerPoint format with “hands-on” practical exercises. For customer site training, DFS requests that a comfortable space be provided with AC power and seating for all students. The instructor will install the Mobile Training System (MTS) and multimedia presentation equipment (if none is available).

Testing is an important part of training. All students will be required to pass a written examination and/or perform a graded practical exercise. Students who complete the training participation requirements will be awarded a “Certificate of Achievement.” For courses 8 hours or less of instruction, a “Certificate of Completion” is awarded due to the nature of familiarization-level content and lack of testing.


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