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The HT3 SCADA Software, like its predecessor HyperTAC II, combines graphics and data with the power of the Internet. HT3 was developed specifically for use in the water and wastewater industry and benefits from Data Flow Systems’ many years of in-the-field experience. Its features are driven by the needs of its users. Over the last two decades, DFS software engineers have learned from the successes and limitations of DFS’ previous telemetry software, TAC II and HyperTAC II. The result is a state-of-the-art Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Although the Graphical User Interface is the feature that impresses users the most, it’s the reporting and alarm notification capabilities of the system that are important in day-to-day operations. Here again, over two decades of experience have matured these features into the essential tools of the system’s operator.

dfstcuscreeenHT3 was designed to work with DFS hardware as well as hardware manufactured by others. This flexibility enables HT3 to operate in an array of water and wastewater environments. For example, HT3 has been successfully used for elevated storage tank automation, reclaimed water irrigation systems, and in-plant process and control applications at water and wastewater treatment plants.



The HT3 HMI Software comes with so many great features including:
1. Free HMI software upgrades for as long as the server can handle the upgrades
2. Free technical phone support during normal business hours M-F for as long as the system is in operation
3. Unlimited Run Time Users
4. Unlimited Development Users
5. Unlimited Tags
6. Unlimited Historical Tags
7. MySQL Database Included
8. Reports Included
9. Trends Included
10.  Auto-Dialler Software Included


New in HT3 is HT3 Mobile. HT3 Mobile is a streamlined version of HT3 optimized for today’s smart phones. In HT3 Mobile, users will find all the essential tools needed for working in the field. The features provided in HT3 Mobile are:

  • Alarms
  • Screen
  • Reports
  • Trends
  • Station Status
  • Help
  • Options

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