Data Flow Systems HT3 Mobile: Free upgrade for all HT3 SCADA Customers!

HT3 Mobile is password protected to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the system. The user account for HT3 Mobile is the same as the one you use to login to HT3. The same Control and Acknowledge Alarms permissions set for the user account in HT3 also apply to HT3 Mobile.

Aqua Sierra - Data Flow Systems

HT3 Mobile is a streamlined version of HT3 optimized for today’s smart phones. In HT3 Mobile, users will find all the essential tools needed for working in the field. The features provided in HT3 Mobile are:

  • Alarms
  • Screens
  • Trends
  • Stations
  • Help
  • Options


Data Flow Systems is excited to offer HT3 Mobile to its valued customers. Contact Aqua Sierra Controls today to schedule a demonstration of this revolutionary new product and discuss upgrading to HT3 Mobile.

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