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Aqua Sierra Controls
ISO 9000 Calibration Services

ASC provides calibration and accuracy certifications to meet NIST standards and ISO 9000 requirements. All of our test equipment is recertified and traced every year and/ or as required by special project.

All instrument calibration results are logged into our procal 2000 database for historical filing and accuracy determination. Every instrument calibrated for any customer is inventoried by make, model and serial number of the device and where the device is located in the customer’s facility. Calibration accuracy statements are prepared and printed from our computer and are reviewed by the field technician that provided the calibration for accuracy. If acceptable the report is signed and mailed to the customer.

In order to stay current with technology we constantly purchase state of the art test equipment to facilitate the calibration of your instruments in a timely manor. Some of these instruments just to name a few.

  • Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, clampon transitime flow meters
  • Frequency counters and generators, watt meters, clampon ammeters
  • Power supplies, Variac, digital gages, Druck press/vac calibrators
  • Open channel flow meters, wastewater samplers, magmeter calibrators.
  • Rosemount and Yokogawa smart calibrators, pulse duration calibrator. calibrators for Milltronics, Leeds and Northrup, Bif, Hach chemical, underground wire tracers.
  • Dead weight testers, wind velocity, temperature baths, manometers
  • Pitot tubes for up to 96″ pipeline testing.
  • Ackron flow meter test bench with certified tanks. Test flow meters under actual flow conditions up to 4 inches in size. Disc type, turbine, propeller, and magmeters.

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